Simple and Affordable

A flat fee based on the size of your condo.

Condo Size Price Per Meeting
1 to 149 units$400
150 to 299 units$750
300 to 499 units$1200
500 to 749 units$1650
750+ units$2000

What you will get:

  • The Online Proxy Voting Tool on a custom URL
  • Administrator's Portal
  • Real-time proxy tabulation
  • Tool to collect owner consent for online communications
  • Email distribution of the Meeting Notice Package to owners
  • Automated emails reminding owners to complete their online proxy
  • Enhanced proxy fraud and security controls

Add-on Services

Totally optional, but will make it even easier for busy Property Managers to run a successful meeting.

Hardcopy Notice Print & Mail
We only charge you for units that require hardcopies.

Combine this with our Online Meeting Notice Package distribution service to save on your printing & postage costs.

For most of our clients, the savings in printing alone is enough to pay for our services.
Minute Taking
Minute Taking and Transcription services for your AGMs by Minutes Solutions.

We have partnered with Minutes Solutions to provide professional minute taking services for your AGMs.

Contact us for more details about this addon service.