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Boost owner engagement while saving on printing with GetQuorum's secure electronic proxy voting and notice distribution service for condos.

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Trusted by hundreds of condominium corporations and property management companies.

"GetQuorum helped us reach quorum for the first time in 6 years, pass a Standard Unit Bylaw, and save thousands of dollars on printing costs."

Board of Directors, Marilyn Monroe Towers
50 Absolute Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario

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Online package delivery equals less printing, less mailing, and more saving.

Double Your Proxies

Our clients have seen proxy submissions increase by more than 100%.

Pass Critical Bylaws

Reaching more owners and getting more proxies makes it easier to pass bylaws.

Reach more owners. See more proxies.

Not only will you reach more owners, you’ll make proxy voting as simple and secure as possible. This means more proxies, as GetQuorum clients who have doubled their proxies can testify.

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Less printing and mailing. More saving.

Printing and mailing of hardcopy meeting packages is one of the biggest costs for an AGM. GetQuorum saves you time and money by delivering these documents digitally. In fact, our clients cut these costs by an average of 60%.

Prevent proxy fraud and increase voting transparency.

We collect proxies from owners securely and independently, proxies are stored within our system for a minimum of one year and are auditabe on-demand.